No set-up fee
There is no set-up fee. You can just start using your website.
Ad free
Your site will not have any unwanted adds on it regardless of the plan you choose.
Free hosting
You don't have to worry about setting-up hosting. We've got you covered. With every plan there is a free hosting, that you can count on, ready for you.
You create your new website once and it will look as good on mobile devices as on desktop computer. You don't need to create additional mobile versions.
Free template change
Don't like the look of your site? No problem - you can change the template at any time - free of charge.
Add translations and show your website in as many languages as you like.
Connect your own domain
Even with the trial you get a sub-domain like, but if you want you can connect your own domain name to your new site.
Support Options
Got stuck? Get help easy from our support channels.
Show what is most important for you with a stunning slideshow of pictures and videos right on your homepage.
You can use our multi-functional widgets to show different dynamic or static content on your home page like: Video, Last Articles, Galleries and Polls or Forms
Flexible site structure
How visitors access the information on your site is entirely up to you. With the drag and drop menu editor you can structure it however you like.
Customizable header
Upload your own Logo. Add your company's Slogan. Decide on the visible elements in the header.
Customizable footer
Add a copyright text or your contact phones, links and social media - you decide.
Custom favicon
Upload a custom favicon and make the browser tab more visually appealing.
Colour schemes
In addition to changing the template as much as you want, some templates have a colour scheme that you can change with just one click.
SEO optimized
The code of your site will always be up to the latest SEO requirements. Which means it will be easy for the bots to see and read it. All that's left for you is to write the proper text, for which we have a nice tutorial.
SEO elements
For every page, blog post, article or product you can enter a full set of SEO elements, thus "telling" the bots what to look for.
Google Analytics connect
Connecting your site with Google Analytics will allow you to see detailed statistics for your site's visits.
Statistics on the dashboard
For your convenience you can see the Analytics statistics on your administrator dashboard.
Social media links
Link your company's social media pages to your website, so people can find it easier and start following you.
This is a file that tells the search engines bots which parts of your site to crawl and which not. We have pre-formatted it for you, but you can edit it easily through the integrated editor.
SiteMap generator
The sitemap helps the search engines bots to easily navigate around you site, which in turns helps for your overall SEO performance. There is an automatic generator already built in your new qLibra site.
Administrator dashboard
The dashboard shows you all the important information about your site like: Site updates, Useful shortcuts,Statistics and much more...
File manager
Nice and easy to use file manager to help you organize all the files (pictures, documents, etc.) for your website.
Site settings
There are a lot of editable settings for your new qLibra site. And don't worry we have provided detailed information for each and every one, so you don't have to be an IT to understand them.
Terms and conditions page
You can write a custom terms and conditions page and link it to your footer.
Cookies Page
The cookie page is already waiting for you with a standard text, but if you want, you can customize it to fit your needs (or just translate it to your native language).
Multiple editors
Give access to the administration panel of your site to as many people as you like - each one with its own credentials.
Mailing settings
When sending system emails (lost password, new order, etc.) you can set-up the system to use a custom e-mail account.
Site search
Let your visitors find what they are looking for fast, with the integrated site search.
Google maps
You can integrate a Google map on your pages with just a click, directly from the administration panel.
Unlimited number of pages
We don't limit the quantity of the content elements you create with any of our plans, so you can create as many as you want.
Create new blog posts and categories directly in your site
Think of pages as the keystones of your website. In addition to formated text, you can attach pictures, files, galleries, maps and contact forms to them.
Create beautiful galleries with unlimited images, so you can show your products, share an event or present your work.
Image editor
Not a designer or photographer. Don't worry you don't need to be to use our simple and functional integrated image editor. With it you can crop, resize and rotate the images fast and easy, to fit best on your site.
You can create customizable contact forms, that can be attached to pages or widgets, or even be used as a inquiry.
Publish the latest news from your company or even start a news website - it's possible with our advanced articles app packed with of features.
If you want, you can let your visitors leave a comment on your blog post, article or product.
You can create highly customizable polls.
Filter unwanted article or post comments by setting your blacklist.
Show your products with pictures, characteristics and even variations.
Reliable hosting
Every plan comes with different hosting space and our secure and reliable hosting will not let you down. Even if you have a high traffic website it will still load as fast as ever.
For your peace of mind there is a off-site backup of your information, so you will never lose any of it.
Mailboxes are included in all of our plans if you connect your own domain with a lot of premium features.
Hosting space
Small Business

Price per month billed annualy or €8.99 month to month


Price per month billed annualy or €30.00 month to month

- Essentials -
Essentials +
forum & email
forum & email
- Home page -
Home page +
- Style -
Style +
- SEO -
- Miscellaneous -
Miscellaneous +
- Content -
Content +
- eCommerce -
eCommerce +
- Hosting -
Hosting +
10 GB
50 GB
Small Business

This is the plan if you want a big league website for your small business.

Impress your clients with a professional design, beautiful galleries and useful articles. Besides excellent presentation, you get the benefit of direct communication. Engage your customers with an interesting blog or ask for their valuable opinion with the help of polls and contact forms. And as your business grows, you don’t have to worry about space, because you get unlimited domains and 10GB hosting.

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