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Customizable header

From head to foot your website should express yourself, your ideas or business. So, thanks to our cms you can customise the header by adding for example your logo and slogan or other visible elements. And it won’t give you a headache because it’s as quick as uploading and saving your images.

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Customizable footer

Think of it as a way to leave your footprint on the page. Whether it’s a copyright text, contact number, links to terms and conditions, social media or all of this. With our website creator you can do it without any effort - just by filling and ticking some boxes.

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Custom favicon

qLibra is simple but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t show attention to the detail. We take it serious when it’s about making your website stand out. That’s why you can upload a custom favicon and improve your visitor’s experience. In great detail.

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Colour schemes

To make your website even more vivid and colourful we’ve created some of our templates with different colour schemes. This means that you can change not only the template itself, but also its colour. With just a click.

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