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SEO optimized

Imagine the perfect website. You’ve created it and your pride is endless. But it should be easily findable. Well, we’ve got you covered. In our sitebuilder we make sure that the code of your page is always up to the latest SEO requirements. Which guarantees that bots will find and read it. And to make it even easier for you, we’ve got a useful tutorial how to write a good text.

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SEO elements

You have control over all parts of your website. You can enter a full set of SEO elements for every page, blog post, article or product which will help the bots to recognize what they are looking for.

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Connect to Google analytics

Know your visitors and what works best for you. It’s simple and useful. That is why we have provided the option to connect your website to Google analytics and receive detailed statistics.

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Statistics on the dashboard

Everything in qLibra is about quick accessibility and convenience. So, we’ve put the statistics where you can see them any minute. Always at hand, on your dashboard.

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Social media links

Links to social media are a quick way to get even closer to your visitors as they follow you. So, our sitebuilder provides you a quick way to display links to your profiles on every major network, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn.

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This file shows the bots what parts of your website to be processed. If it seems too unfamiliar for you, don’t worry. We have pre-formatted it. Of course, you can easily edit it in the cms, and later restore to default if needed.

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SiteMap generator

The search engine bots need a sitemap to smoothly navigate your website. This is where a sitemap comes in handy. When you create a website, qLibra automatically generates a proper sitemap to boost your overall SEO performance.

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