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Administrator dashboard

Think of it as your headquarters. Your control centre. Here you can find and manage all the important parts of your website, including:

  • site updates - like new plans or designs
  • tutorials
  • main modules - for example displaying the number of pages, galleries, files
  • blog - a quick access to your blog posts and comments
  • analytics
  • articles - a direct way  to your articles and comments
  • hosting - displaying your mail boxes, billing and remaining disk space

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File manager

No matter how many files, like images, documents, videos, etc. you need for creating your website, we’ve made sure it’s easy to upload and organize them. You can add folders, arrange files by name and size and of course, search for what you want.

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Site settings

qLibra is a website creator that doesn’t restrict you too much in editing your site settings. That doesn’t mean that you’d get lost in endless tuning. On the contrary. We’ve provided understandable and clear information for every step, so you can’t make a mistake.

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Terms and conditions page

You have the option to create a page with terms and conditions and easily make it appear at the footer. You can always enable or disable it by just ticking out a box.

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Cookies page

Come to our sitebuilder. We have a predefined cookies page for you. By all means you can edit it to suit your requirements. Or simply translate it to any language. Again, you can enable and disable it with a tick.

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Multiple administrators/editors

When you need a little help from your friends, a fresh pair of eyes or simply more contributors, you can add more administrators to your website. You just add new users from the main menu and give them their own credentials. What’s more - you can add as many editors as you like and we won’t charge you extra.

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Mailing settings

Sometimes you need to send system emails. For example, when your site visitors have to reset a password, or make an order from your online store, etc. Well, this feature allows you to set-up a custom email account.

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Site search

You may know by heart every little detail, every corner and turn of your website. But your visitors don’t. Still, it’s extremely important that they orientate easily and quickly find what they are looking for. The integrated site search will help just for that.

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Google maps

You don’t need a map to find how to add a Google map to your website. It’s straightforward - just a click from your administration panel.

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