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Unlimited number of pages, blog posts and other content

qLibra gives you quality. And also quantity. We won’t limit you in any way when you add pages, blog posts, articles and other content to your website. You have the absolute freedom to create your site as simple or as extensive as you like.

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Think of pages as the keystones of your website. Essentially, they are your base. So, in qLibra creating pages is as basic as possible. You can do it even without basic knowledge of web programming. Just use the main menu and within minutes you’ll be able to create as many pages as you like, edit, sort and filter them.

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Ultimately you want to engage your visitors. To connect. Blogging is a simple way to reach them. Think of it as your voice. qLibra is a website builder that lets you directly integrate a blog in your site. And it’s easy to do it. All you need to do is use the menu, create new blog posts and categories and edit and publish them any time.

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When you create a website, it’s important to express yourself, your business or product vividly. Our cms lets you create stunning galleries and what’s more - there is no limitation to the images you can upload. And it’s simple. You can do it directly from the menu. Then you can choose a main picture to represent every gallery and furthermore arrange them in categories.

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Image editor

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. In fact it’s not complicated at all. You don’t need to be a designer or a photographer or have any experience whatsoever with editing images. Using the image editor in our cms is painless and intuitive. Just use your mouse to resize, crop and rotate images, so they can fit beautifully in your website.

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In qLibra cms you can easily create contact forms and customize them to your needs. You can choose different types of form elements like text, drop menus, check boxes, dates, emails, numbers. You can combine these elements however you wish and change their position simply by dragging them in the preview area.

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Good news, everyone. You can publish articles about all that’s happening with your business. Or any articles you want, really. With the help of our cms you can quickly catch the attention of your visitors with neatly arranged titles and subtitles, sensational images and captivating content. And because it’s news - you can also proudly provide the author’s name, link to the source or write a short annotation.

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There is no doubt feedback is vital for any website. So, qLibra gives you the option to allow your visitors to leave comments for your blog posts, articles or products.

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Your visitors’ opinion is invaluable. One simple way to seek it, is to create a poll. You can use qLibra cms to not just add polls but also customize them for maximum results.

For example, you can choose and mix different types of poll elements like text, radio box, check box, drop menu.

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