Schedules and calendars in qLibra
Schedules and calendars in qLibra

Basically it consists of two main components - schedules for the services offered by your company and calendars for the employees.


In every schedule you can add as much services as you want.
So, for example, you run a hair salon. You want to create a schedule for hair styling. There you can add the different hair styling services your salon offers - men's cut, women's cut, highlights, etc.
Furthermore, you can enter duration and price for each service.
For example, women’s cut lasts 30 minutes and costs 30 dollars.

The above mentioned functionalities help you organise the services you offer.

Step 1: Setting up the schedule Step 2: Adding services Step3: Creating calendars for the employees

Now, let’s see how to setup the settings related to making an appointment.
For every schedule you have some essential settings to help you manage the way your clients make reservations:

  • minimum time slot – this is the minimum time length between making an appointment. It varies between 10 and 60 minutes, so it all depends on your business policy.
  • minimum notice – the minimum number of days between the booking and the appointment (0-7). So, if it’s 0 days, the client can make an appointment for the same day.
  • maximum advanced booking – the maximum number of days between the booking and the appointment (0-90). So, if it’s 90 days, the client can make a reservation no more than 90 days in advance.
  • auto confirm appointments – you can choose whether the client would have that option when making an appointment from your website, or not.
  • Offer preferred calendar options – you can decide if the customers can book appointments with an employee by their choice.
  • Clients can see the prices of services – you can allow your clients to see the price for every service


For every schedule you can create different services. Add as much services as you want filling three simple fields:

  • Name - The name of the service. This is what your customers will see when they book an appointment.
  • Duration - The default duration of this service. You can edit manually for each appointment later.
  • Price - The price of the service - it can be shown to your customers or use it just for accounting purposes


Essentially, the section calendars allows you to organise and manage the working hours of your employees.
For each employee you can enter: name, photo and working hours for every day of the week.
To help you organise and coordinate even more, the calendar allows you to choose a different colour for each employee. So, when you review the calendar of all employees, it will be colour-coded and easily perceived with just a glance.

Calendar name, photo and working hours

Assigning an appointment

You can enter an appointment directly in the schedule. Just double click on the desired date and fill out the form. It consists of several items:
client: you can choose an existing one or enter a new name. If you enter a name and a phone number after that the system will recognise which is which and save them automaticaly.
calendar: select an employee to take up the appointment
service: the system will automatically offer you all the available services for the chosen employee. You can add as many services as you like and based on their duration, you will see the full duration of the appointment. However, you can always change the total manually.

Schedule: Week view Schedule: Reviewing an appointment

Reviewing the appointments

You can easily check all the existing appointments in the schedule. They can be reviewed by day, week, month or present tasks.
Moreover, you can select to view only the appointments for a particular staff member.
For your convenience they are colour-coded with the corresponding colour of the employee. If the box is coloured fully, the appointment is confirmed. If the colour is semi-transparent, the appointment awaits confirmation from an admin.

Client database

qLibra’s scheduler incorporates a client database. You can enter:

  • name
  • phone number and email
  • gender & birthday
  • and a small note
  • also there is the appointment history
Clients database Statistics


Another handy functionality is the possibility of generating and printing comprehensive statistics.
You can create a statistic for a selected time frame based on:

  • calendars (employees)
  • schedules
  • services
  • clients

Interface for customers

So how do the clients book an appointment?
First they are offered a list of services to choose from.
Then (if you’ve checked that option) they can select a certain employee.
Next, based on the chosen service and employee, the client see the available dates and hours.
Finally, the customers enters his name, phone number and email and makes the appointment.
Now the appointment is displayed automatically in the schedule and can be confirmed by an admin.

Book now 1: Choose services Book now 2: Choose employee's calendar Book now 3: Choose date and time Book now 4: Confirm your booking Book now 5: Booking complete!

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