Where to find free and beautiful photos?

17.08.2016 | Tutorials
Learn how to find and use free beautiful photos and videos
Learn how to find and use free beautiful photos and videos

Want a picture-perfect website?

Learn how to find and use free beautiful photos and videos

So, you need stunning images for your website but you don’t have any. And you don’t want to go over budget by making a dedicated photoshoot.
Well, there are some neat solutions. But there are also some practices you should avoid.

Do’s and Don’ts of using images from the web

Don’t just take photos from google images. Firstly, they may not be the right images for your website in terms of quality, size, etc. And secondly, they may very well be copyrighted. You should be aware that using images without permission and copyright infringement can lead to serious penalties.

Do use images from specialized stock images websites (see some useful examples below). They offer a wide range of photos, graphics, videos, etc., suitable for various applications.

Don’t pick too generic and tacky photos. Like the emblematic handshake of people in business attire. After all, you want to make your website stand out not the opposite.

Do select images that catch the essence of your business. Make sure that the photos and videos you use contribute to building the individuality of your website and are not there just for filling up space.

Don’t try to cram an image where it doesn’t fit. For example, a portrait photo in a landscape space or vise versa. Our system will ask you to crop the image so it can fit properly and if you don’t do it yourself, it will be automatically cropped. This can result in cutting essential parts of the image, so make sure you select what you want to be seen.

Now, you will ask why do we use thumbs? This guarantees light and neatly organised pages for your website.

Do select the right size, resolution or orientation. Always go for big high-quality images. They will make your website look professional and inviting.

Don’t forget to properly attribute all images and videos if that’s required. The fact that you use free stock websites doesn’t mean that they all give you the same rights to use the content.

Do pay attention to the licenses your images fall under and the way they can be used. Many of them can be freely copied, modified and distributed for commercial purposes, but still some require attribution. Here you can find a useful infographic about adequate attribution.

Don’t neglect using the functionality of qLibra’s admin for giving titles and description of your images.

Do enter a full set of SEO elements for every page, blog post, article or product. It will help the bots to recognize what they are looking for and essentially bring more visitors to your website.

Useful links

Here are the promised websites where you can find free beautiful images and videos:

  • Unsplashed: attractive, high-resolution photos, no attribution required
  • Stocksnap: high resolution images added weekly, no attribution required
  • Freepik: graphics, icons, photos, attribution required
  • Flickr: a rich collection, some attribution required, so check the details for each image.
  • Coverr: free videos
  • Videezy: free HD stock videos

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