Creating a website in 5 steps

22.03.2016 | Tutorials
Creating a website in 5 steps
Creating a website in 5 steps

Building a website is not as complicated as you’d imagine. Ofcourse, it can be. But, it can also be as fun and easy as making a cup of coffee.

Want to try it? Step this way.

1. Choose a platform

Before making a step, you should know where you want to go.
For starters answer this questions - what is the purpose of my site? What do I want to show and to whom?

Now you have a general idea about your site and the resources you can spare.
There are various ways to create a website. First you have to decide are you up to building your site from scratch. Meaning using a language-based development. Yes, you need coding skills for this one.

Or, do you want to use a website builder. Meaning you can create a fully functional web presence with little to no technical knowledge.

Let’s simplify it further.
Imagine hand brewing your coffee. The result may be great, but you need skills, time and money.
On the other hand you can use a coffeemaker. It’s easier and cheaper.
And if you choose wisely, the result may be as good as when hand brewing.

There are different coffee makers. And there are different site builders.
Quality, price and security varies. What qLibra offers you is a full package of balance and simplicity. You choose a plan according to your purpose and don’t pay for what you don’t need. And with every plan you get hosting, domain, email, updates and support.

2. Choose your vision

At every step you need to keep in focus your target.

When choosing a design, first of all, you have to match it to your content. Just imagine how ridiculous and out of place would a frappé look in a tiny espresso cup.
Furthermore, you should match the vision to the preferences of your audience. You can’t offer a fine china cup to someone on the go as you can’t serve paper cups on a black tie event.

You can hire a designer or you can use a ready-to-go template. The advantage of the first is that it’s exclusive. But you should expect higher prices and longer hours.
The plus of the latter is its practicality. You know what you are getting and it’s cheaper.
It won’t be as individual as a custom design but good site builders like qLibra offer a rich variety of ever growing number of templates. Furthermore, you can create a unique website by changing the structure and content of your homepage.

3. Set your structure

According to the purpose and nature of your website, it needs a specific structure. Like for cappuccino you need equal parts of espresso on the bottom, then steamed milk and foamed milk on top. For mocha - espresso, chocolate in the middle and just a bit steamed milk on top.
Likewise, you need a different order of pages, menus and navigation for a portfolio and an online shop. It’s your job to guide the visitors and help them find what they are looking for.

With qLibra you can do that easily by just dragging and dropping and thus editing the structure however you like. What’s more you can make your life even easier by choosing a predefined module with suitable structure and functionality.

4. Create and format your content

Content is the heart of your website. It should captivate. Draw attention. Be useful.
As coffee, you need to serve it with style. And make it unforgettable.
So, when you write for your website, write directly. Cut your sentences short. Use the words of your audience. Make them vivid and understandable by providing examples and analogies.
Organize your text so it could be read


Headlines, paragraphs and lists are your friends.

Back up your text with powerful images, graphics and multimedia. Carefully select your resources. You can make a special photo shoot. Or use stock images. Make sure that all visuals, even stock ones, fit the style and purpose of your website. Don’t compromise on the quality but try to reduce the file size.

A good thing about qLibra is that it lets you create galleries with as many images as you want and use its image editor to easily resize, crop and rotate pictures, so they fit beautifully in your website.

5. Make your site popular

You can make the best coffee but still you need to tell people how to find it. It’s similar with your website. First, it should be easily findable. Meaning it should be optimized for search engines.
Luckily, qLibra makes sure that the code of your website is always up to the latest SEO requirements. Thus it’s friendly to bots and they will find and read it.

Besides SEO, you can use social media for promoting your site. It’s a direct way to communicate with your audience.
Just don’t forget to always be consistent, relevant and interesting.

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