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14.03.2016 | News
Launch your website now
Launch your website now

We have just officially launched qLibra CMS Sitebuilder.
You can now register and try it for yourself.

As with every new software product there might be some glitches in the beginning, so please be patient with us. We will try to fix all reported bugs ASAP.

What is more we will give everyone who first reports a bug the following bonuses:

For trial users:

  • 1 day extension to your trial period for every reported bug (not transferable to paid plans)

For paid plans:

  • 2 days extensions with monthly payment for every bug reported.
  • 1 week extension with yearly plans for every bug reported.

More good news - until the end of Apri the trial period is extended from 14 day to 30 days.

So, get some coffee for inspiration, Go, Register, Test and please report any problem that you find in our Forum.

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