Create your website in the coffee break

qLibra makes it that quick and easy. And good-looking. It doesn’t matter how much skills you have, if any. Or how much time you can spend on building a website. You cannot make a mistake. It’s straightforward. There are no wrong turns and zigzags. You won’t get lost in countless design changes. You will save time. And money. Give it a try.

What is in for you?

qLibra gives you all the benefits of a shortcut. Just picture it. You can make a fully operational, professional looking, content favouring, unbreakable website. In the matter of minutes. Without getting a headache. It’s elementary. And the elements are meant to work for you.

Responsive templates

You can choose your favourite template from our ever-growing database and it will fit. Even if you change your structure or add new information.

Tailor-made applications

Your website has a specific purpose. You may need to show your work in beautiful galleries. Or ask for the opinion of your clients. Or directly sell your products. And it’s not your challenge to match purpose and functionality. We’ve done it for you.


You want your website to speak volumes. Talk big. Express ideas.. Deliver your message. In different languages. With qLibra you can translate your content quickly, effortlessly and without breaking anything. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Why choose us?

Undoubtedly there many site builders. But what qLibra offers you is
no doubt
It’s intuitive and direct. Think of a simple dish that anyone can cook. But flavourful and served with style.
no hidden expenses
What you see is what you get. When you subscribe for a plan you get everything it has to offer. We won’t ask for more money for additional features or volume of information.
no trouble to change
Sometimes even small changes can cause big problems. Thanks to qLibra’s flexible structure, even big changes will cause no problems at all. You can edit and add new content without compromising the professional look or functionality of your website.

Who is it for?

qLibra is for anyone who wants to make a professional website quickly and effortlessly

  • maintain it without trouble and rely on solid support
  • use all the features of the chosen plan without added expenses or restrictions for more content
  • meet all the professional standards of building a website, like effective SEO and uncompromised display on different devices
  • receive the classical package of hosting and emails

but also
the additional benefit of painless translation to multiple languages
tailor-made apps with different and ever-growing features, like forums, FAQ, Team, library, catalogues, portfolio, eCommerce, etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at support@qlibra.com.

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